Oakland Raiders should stick with Terrelle Pryor as Franchise QB

In recent years, we as NFL fans have been spoiled by instant success of high profile quarterbacks. As fans, we want and expect wins right away from our new quarterbacks and sometimes we can be a little too unforgiving and want a new one rather than let one we have  progress.  Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson all had immediate success in recent years. That’s not the case for all the great starting quarterbacks in the league right now though. Some had to wait their turn or struggle in their first few years.  Nobody thought Drew Brees was very good until his last year in San Diego.  His talents were really exemplified under Sean Payton when he went to the Saints. People thought Philip Rivers was a far better choice after his first two years than Eli Manning, and now we see Manning with two Super Bowl rings.  Sometimes a quarterback needs a couple years to really flourish at his position.

Most analysts and about half of Raider Nation will disagree with me that Terrelle Pryor should have another year to become the face of the franchise and a polished quarterback, so let me share some interesting comparisons between him and a few Hall of Fame Quarterbacks:

  Terrelle Pryor Terry Bradshaw John Elway Steve Young
Completion % 57.4% 38.1% 47.5% 52.2%
Passing Yards 1,798 1410 1663 935
Touchdowns 7 6 7 3
Interceptions 11 24 14 8


Bradshaw and Elway failed to have more touchdowns than interceptions five times in their career and four times for Steve Young. Terrelle had a better completion percentage, more yards, and just as many, if not more, touchdowns than all of them in their first year starting.  Now Pryor’s numbers are nothing to write home about; I just compared them so we can see that not everyone breaks records their first year on the field.  We all can see weaknesses in his passing game, but if you are like most of Raider Nation and follow him closely, then you will know he spends his offseason working on his passing with the best passing coaches around. He is always striving to be better than his previous season.

Now, let’s talk about his running skills. He ran for 576 yards in 9 starts with 6.9 yards a carry. Not to mention his record breaking 93 yard touchdown run in the week 8 win against the Steelers. When Pryor is on the field, there is not one defender who can catch him in open space.  He is the most athletic player on the field. Countless times he made plays with his legs that got the offense in better position to score. Any offense in the league would benefit to have his talent on the field.

Another reason for his struggles can also be focused on his surrounding talent. Terrelle isn’t the kind of guy to throw his receivers under the bus, but we can see that they would disappear for long stretches of the game and he needs more productivity out of them. Also, his offensive line was among the worst in the league.  With the Raiders cap space this year, they should be able to shore up the O-Line, get a veteran receiver and get some defenders to change that 29th ranked defense into a force.

Terrelle Pryor should be given another year. Mark Davis is showing patience with Dennis Allen’s two terrible seasons. I don’t see why you don’t have the same patience with a proven talent with all the potential in the world. Terrelle Pryor should be the face of the franchise during their turnaround season. Even Snoop Dogg agrees with me


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    February 28, 2014

    I dont know if Pryor is their guy, or if it could be Matt Mcgloin, but what I will say, is that very few QB’s could compete with the talent on their roster.

    Bringing in a top QB in this years draft will not help the overall talent on their roster.

    If they can get a legitimate blue chip player- à la Sammy Watkins, or Khalil Mack, or Jadaveon Clowney if he falls, I think they put themselves in a much better spot.

    I would also not be opposed to them taking a QB like AJ McCarron, or Jimmy Garrapolo in rounds 2 or 3. with some more added talent to a team that really needs it.

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      Chris Ehorn Jr Author
      February 28, 2014

      I definitely think Sammy Watkins would be a huge help to the Raiders. Maybe even bringing in a guy like Hakeem Nicks (if he can stay healthy) would create matchup problem.

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    February 28, 2014

    This is a great article, not just because I agree with it, but it is true. I have been saying for the longest that if QBS like a Payton Manning (without the pedigree of his name, look at his first year starting stats they are worst than Pryor ‘ also), wouldn’t make it in today’s game. Another thing people forget is that football is a team sport, more than just a QB throwing for multiple TDs. The line has to block and the receiver has to get open.

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