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Darren McFadden Re-signs With Oakland and I Love It.


Darren McFadden has just re-signed with the Oakland Raiders on a one year $4 million deal, Ian Rappaport of NFL Network reports. It is probably filled with playing time incentives. He is coming off another year of injuries and saw himself demoted to backup Rashad Jennings.

Lots of Raider Nation fans might not like this, but I love it. I have been frustrated with him this year just as much as the next fan. We are frustrated because we have seen his upside and it is him being one of the best in the league. We have seen his downside too. 3.3 ypc last year was tough. I like to keep in mind how bad his offensive line was. On some plays you could still see the explosiveness and on others, the line never gave him a chance to get out of the backfield. Hopefully the line will be upgraded so it will give him room to work. The Raiders also resigned him and not Jennings because they are high on Rookie Latavius Murray. He is going to be a great change of pace back behind McFadden. Think Brandon Jacobs in his prime but much faster. They will be a great dual threat.

Another reason why I love the signing is because McFadden actually wants to stay in Oakland. He is a Raider and he bleeds Silver and Black. He is just as disappointed in last season as Raider Nation is. All he has said is he wants to be back in Oakland. That is the type of player I want on the team.

Even if he has a bad year, it was only for $4 million max. A small price to pay for a player with a huge upside.

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  1. Chris

    March 12, 2014 at 4:54 am

    Good points.

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