How Long Can Charles Woodson Keep Playing?

Charles Woodson of the Oakland Raiders has been my favorite player since he was drafted in 1998. I was 11 years old then. Now, I’m still a huge fan and don’t want his career to end. I wouldn’t know who my new favorite player would be. As a fan though I would want him to finish on top, not as a backup or someone offenses could take advantage of. He had a good season last year on a bad Raiders defense. He racked up 97 tackles, the most of any season in his career, 2 sacks, 1 int, 1 fumble recovery, and another touchdown. Not a bad year at all. If he gets one more touchdown next year he will have the most TDs of any defender in league history. In his 16 year career he has racked up 1018 tackles, 19 sacks, 56 int, and 13 TDs.

Charles Woodson makes a diving tackle on the goal line

Charles Woodson makes a diving tackle on the goal line

In a media session after the Raiders OTAs Charles Woodson Said he was open to playing beyond the 2014 season.

“Going off of how I feel health-wise, I’m not looking at this being the last year. I’m going to enjoy every moment of this experience because you never know how it’s going to turn out. You look at what they’ve done here and you see the draft they’ve had – we’re going to be a good team. If that means playing this year and beyond, I’ll be open to it.”

I am open to it too! He is very excited to have veteran players come to the Raiders this year like Justin Tuck, Antonio Smith, Lamar Woodley, Carlos Rodgers, James Jones, and Matt Schaub. If all of them were in their prime then the Raiders might be considered contenders. All of them believe they can play at a high level and be successful in a tough AFC West.

If the team can play at a high level and Woodson doesn’t get injured I can see him playing a couple more years. Maybe to the age of 40. Hopefully he can stay in shape and stay healthy to keep playing. Hopefully his Hall of Fame career ends on a high note also.

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