3 Reasons A Team Must Sign Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow didn’t play a single snap last season after the New England Patriots cut him during the pre season. He has recently said in an interview that he is ready to play.

“I feel great,” Tebow said on Phoenix TV station KSAZ. “I feel the strongest, healthiest, throwing the best I ever have. I’m just really excited about the improvement.”


Though “The best” he has ever thrown doesn’t mean too much to NFL teams out there, it is good to know he has been working hard to stay in shape and stay on top of his game. Obviously he can’t start for most teams, but there are a few that could use him as a starter, and a few just for other things he offers an NFL franchise. The Jaguars, Texans, Buccaneers, Rams, Chargers, and Broncos, yes I said Broncos, could use him for multiple reasons.

Jersey Sales

Some Teams just need the money. The Jaguars and Texans would sell lots and lots of Tebow Jerseys if they signed him. Let’s not forget that owners are in this game to make money. Winning is very important, but win you can’t win, then go out and make money. As a Rookie Tebow had the most Jersey sells in the NFL, beating out Donavan McNabb, Brett Farvre, and Peyton Manning. When Tebow was traded to the Jets he was third in jersey sales trailing Peyton Manning and RG3. He sells jerseys,

More Fans and Sold Out Games

Loosing teams have a hard time bringing fans into their stadiums. Yes, it is probably because a large percentage of fans are band wagoners that just show up when their team is good. Well Tebow brings a lot of fans wherever he goes. Also haters, but that’s ok when he is selling seats for you. The Jaguars looked liked they were hosting a Florida Marlins game every Sunday with the amount of empty seats there were last season. He puts fans in the seats, making him another great business decision.

Proven Winner

He is limited in his playing time, but when it matters, he wins. He is 9-7 in his NFL career as a starter, and that was with a very average Broncos defense. In college he won the National Championship. It isn’t exactly the NFL, but he shows he can handle the big stage. It isn’t always pretty when he wins, and sometimes it could be hard to watch. When he pulls out another fourth quarter comeback though does it matter? He would also make a great backup behind Manning, who never seems to have a backup you can name, oft injured Sam Bradford, and a shaky Phillip Rivers. He probably wont take you to the Super Bowl, but there have been worse quarterbacks to make it to the big stage.

Hopefully one of these teams pulls the trigger. He has a lot to offer and is a good locker room presence. Plus, the NFL is more fun, whether you like him or not, when he is on a team.


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