MUST SEE: San Diego Commercial Hates on Raider Fans

The Oakland Raiders could arguably be the most hated team in the NFL. And they are especially hated in their rival teams city San Diego. Though teams, and fans alike no longer need to hate the Raiders for their physical, and what some used to think 20 years ago violent, and against the rules style of play, they still can hate on the Raider fans. Raider Nation is a wild and hardcore fan base. They get dressed up, hyped up, and get loud for their undeserving team.

A Bail bondsman in San Diego saw a great opportunity this past weekend to get some advertising. “King” Stahlman bail bonds made a commercial pointing out why they loved when the Raiders come to town to play the San Diego Chargers. Take a look here:

Raider fans show up in big numbers in San Diego. Some not having to travel to far since the Raiders used to be in Lo Angeles. Over a decade when the Raiders were good and the Chargers were the worst in the AFC West, more Raider fans were at San Diego’s stadium than Charger fans were. Oh how times have changed. Sure makes you proud to be a Raider fan.

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