5 Companies that should take over for Sprint

Whose going to step up and fill the gap once Sprint leaves in 2016? Your 5 best options are right here

NASCAR announced recently that Sprint will not continue it’s partnership with NASCAR as it’s title sponsor after the 2016 season. Sprint has been the title sponsor since 2008 when Nextel and Sprint merged, previously it was the Nextel Cup and before that it was the Winston Cup for 33 years. So far no word has been said of who might become the new sponsor of NASCAR’s premier series, but here is a list of the 5 companies we would love to see take over.

1. Budweiser

Come on this would be awesome. Aside from the fact that they have a boatload of money to invest in NASCAR, it’d be great exposure for them. As if sponsoring this years champion isn’t enough, or the fact the majority of the fans are already consuming their products. It probably won’t happen, but the Budweiser Cup does have a good ring to it.

2. Snap-On

When Craftsman was the sponsor of the truck series, it gave it a mean name and made it feel like the series was a real intense and hard group of racers. Now the truck series has been reduced to a developmental stage that some never leave. Maybe I’m wrong but Snap-On Tools would be a pretty cool sponsor, and I’m sure the mechanics wouldn’t mind a discount.

3. Coca-Cola

It makes perfect sense. They already sponsor races and drivers, so they might as well go full circle. Besides that would be a big shot at Pepsi.

4. Verizon

Since NASCAR is already in the cellular device business they should upgrade their coverage with a better provider. I think this would be a great for Verizon to separate themselves from their competition and make some serious cash.

5. Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s

Only the two biggest outdoor outfitters in the country. Many fans of NASCAR use one of or both of these companies for their other hobbies and it would be really awesome to see one of these stores take over as NASCAR’s premier series. You know they have the money to do it.


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