Oakland Raiders 2015 Free Agency Do’s and Don’ts


The Oakland Raiders had a ton of money to spend last year and they let down their whole fan base. Justin Tuck was a good pick up, and Charles Woodson was fantastic. Woodson was actually under paid and might be under paid again this year but that is a different story. Reggie McKenzie should be feeling the pressure this offseason. He blew it by getting rid of Hugh Jackson for Dennis Allen, he blew it with last years free agency signings when he had more than $60 million to spend, and Raider Nation is praying he wont make the same mistakes again in 2015. We will take a look at the best fits for the Raiders in free agency. Not just the biggest names, but what makes sense when we also think of the 2015 NFL Draft. We aren’t going to over do it and make a dream team. Keeping in mind the draft, and already emerging talent on the team, these are the free agents that make the team better and make financial sense. Some players will be immediate starters, while others will be back up and change of pace players. We are going to leave the Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh off the list because he is the obvious must have. He is what a Raider was back in the day and what a Raider should be. If the Raiders don’t get him then there will be some uproar from the great Raider Nation fan base.

Oakland Raiders Offensive Free Agency Do’s 

WR Randall Cobb Green Bay Packers


Cobb will fill more than just one need for the Raiders. He can play slot, outside, and punt/kick return. He will fit perfectly in the new no huddle offense the Raiders will run. If Percy Harvin is released then he would be a great fit as well. Don’t forget the Raiders will more than Likely Draft a WR with the fourth pick in the draft.

OG Mike Iupati San Francisco 49ers

Pass blocking was a strong point for the Raiders in 2014. Run blocking on the other hand was terrible. That’s where Iupati comes in. He can maul guys in the run game.

RB Stevan Ridley New England Patriots

Stevan Ridley is coming off injury, but he has seen more success than any other running back on the Raiders roster. The job should be Latavius Murray’s, but sharing the load with Ridley would be a great one two punch. Reggie Bush would fit here as well in the fast paced offense.

TE Jordan Cameron Cleveland Browns

The Raiders seem to have faith in Michael Rivera, but he could learn behind a really good tight end like Cameron. Coming off an injury, he could be a bargain.

Offensive Don’ts

WR Michael Crabtree San Francisco 49ers

Where do I start? This guy talks a lot more than he performs. He has only one 1,000 yard season, and it wasn’t impressive. He will want a lot of money for the minimal talent he can bring to a team.

TE Julius Thomas Denver Broncos

I know he is the popular choice. The problem is he wants to be the highest paid tight end, but will not block, and cant run as fast as the NFL’s top TE’s. He will be a great redzone threat if you are passing it, but not running it. He would be a great addition, but not worth the money.

C Rodney Hudson Kansas City Chiefs

Two reasons he shouldn’t be signed. One: He wants to be the highest paid center, but not many people have heard of him until this offseason. Two: It will show a continuing trend of the Raiders not being able to keep their young talent they have.

WR Torrey Smith Baltimore Ravens

Smith is a one trick pony. The Raiders need a complete wide receiver. There are plenty of burners on the team. Smith would just add to that.

Oakland Raiders Defensive Free Agency Do’s (Other than Suh)

DT Terrance Knighton Denver Broncos

Jack Del Rio has coached Knighton for every year of his career and now he is a free agent. He is a run stuffer that the Raiders need. Justin Ellis is a solid DT on the Raiders and if there is a three DT rotation with him, Knighton, and Suh, they would dominate every offensive line they face.

OLB/DE Brian Orakpo Washington Redskins

People have been wanting Jerry Hughes here, but Orakpo is a better all around DE/OLB. He also didn’t benefit from a great front when he had all his success like Hughes had. Orakpo is big, strong, and fast. He can play standing up or in a three point stance. He probably won’t command as much as Hughes because of his injury last year.

LB Brandon Spikes Buffalo Bills

The Raiders need to stop the run and that is what Spikes does. Keep him on the field in running situations, then let Sio Moore and Khalil Mack rush the passer and drop into coverage on passing downs. He wont demand too much money either.

S Antrel Rolle New York Giants

Tyvon Branch has been released, and the backups haven’t been very good. Rolle is at the back end of his career but still has a lot left. He isn’t a long term solution, but he hits hard and is good in zone coverage. He can also help mentor a young safety the Raiders should draft.

S LaRon Landry Indianapolis Colts

People were down on Landry last year. I know exactly why. He is meant to cover space or go in the box and level running backs. Colts constantly put him in man coverage and he just isn’t that good at it. He would come at a low price and is a great role player in the right defense. With Woodson at his age, he could use a spell from a monster like Landry.

CB Cortland Finnegan Miami Dolphins

Another role player, Finnegan is mean, nasty, and gets WR’s irritated. He talks a big talk and makes all his tackles. He is what a Raider corner should be. At 31 he might not be the best in a one on one matchup.

Defensive Don’ts

DE Greg Hardy Carolina Panthers

Hardy is allowed to sign with any team, but he is still on the commissioners exempt list. The case may have been dropped against him of domestic battery, but if you read the police report, then having a guy of his character on your team shouldn’t sit well. Nasty and dirty on the field is one thing. Beating up your girlfriend, is another.

CB Byron Maxwell Seattle Seahawks

The LOB made him. He is a decent corner that will be getting a huge payday. Don’t do it Raiders. Trust your young corners.

CB Tramon Williams Green Bay Packers

Tramon Williams is like Deangelo Hall. Will make key interceptions in a couple games a year, and get taken advantage of the rest of the time. If he cant cover a struggling Jermaine Kearse in the NFC Championship game, then why trust him to cover good receivers week in and week out?

LB Lance Briggs Chicago Bears

He is in his mid 30’s, slow, and looks overweight. He was a great Bears Linebacker. He should retire that way. Plus the Raiders can’t afford another once great player but cant produce signing.





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    March 7, 2015

    Just like you have expressed with your player picks, the Raiders need to get back to there smash mouth football. Players that talk a hole lot of smack and play dirty at times is what they are all about. I am not sure if Boldin is a free agent but I think he would fit great. These are all very good suggestions but all these free agents would do is put makeup on where the problem really is. The Raiders need an entirely new front office in order to be successful. From all your postings about the Raiders it sounds like you would be the perfect fit!

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